Solaris Empire – Record Label and Promotion Agency – was founded in 2008 by Kirsten Hahn with the intention to allow artists their independence.
Focussed around the thriving independent scene of Berlin, the label is distributed throughout Europe by Broken Silence.

Since starting in January 2008 Solaris Empire has released 60 excellent albums from Sofia Härdig, Thom And The Wolves, La Tourette, Marta Collica, Sorry Gilberto, Black Eyed Dog, Pari Pari, Kitty Solaris, Pollyanna, Mist, And The Wireman, Men Behind Tree, MyKungFu, Bernhard Eder, Junes, Johanna Amelie, Peter Piek, Past and Future, Lasse Matthiessen, My Sister Grenadine, Tammy Ingram, THE SOMNAMBULIST, Pit Przygodda, Junes, Grimoon, Toni Kater, Dan Freeman And The Serious, Giovanni Ferrario and Kat Frankie.
All albums are distributed by Broken Silence in Germany and are available in your local record store. All albums are also available at:



How it all began

In 2007, Kitty Solaris recorded her very first album of her project Kitty Solaris at the studio from Tobias Siebert, who is well known for his productions for Me And My Drummer and his solo project „And The Golden Choir“. To release her first album, „Future Air Hostess“, she founded her own label Solaris Empire in 2008, supported by the distribution Broken Silence.

It received some good feedback from the press, the radio and other artists like Kat Frankie and Bernhard Eder. Both asked Kitty to release their albums on Solaris Empire, too. The releases went very well and helped the artists to develop a career and move some steps forward. More and more artists were looking for an opportunity to release their albums and asked for help with official releases and promotion. Over the years, Kitty has released a lot of artists from Berlin and all over the world, including her own albums on Solaris Empire.

In one Berlin night Kitty met a great band from Venice, Grimoon, and later released 2 albums of them. Then she met My Sister Grenadine from Berlin, the keyboard player John Parish, Marta Collica from Italy, Sofia Härdig from Sweden, Tammy Ingram from Australia, Pollyanna from Paris, Mist from Spain and released albums of them, among quite some other artists.

Solaris Empire today

Solaris Empire also offers promotion for the artists. They have received good feedback from big music magazines like INTRO, Rolling Stone and Musikexpress and great support from Berlin’s radio stations like radio eins and flux fm, which played songs or invited the bands for interviews. Over the years, Solaris Empire released 60 albums, latest releases where Berlin Indie heroes La Tourette (well known Tonia Reeh and Rudi Fischerlehner), the lovely duo Sorry Gilberto and Thom and the Wolves, who is playing on the streets of Berlin and made it now to the radio eins playlist and to the Eisbären Berlin Commercial!

Solaris Empire’s „Lofi-Lounge“

Besides the label and promotion agency Solaris organizes concerts at Schokoladen-Mitte, one of the oldest alternative venues in Mitte every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. The night is called Lofi-Lounge and Kitty discovered a lot of great bands there. Some of her favourite new bands are Last Days of Elvis, Hawk, Calamity Sam, 4 Minute Mile and Sid Vision, who all recently played at the Lofi-Lounge.

Susann Kirkuss and Kitty Solaris present the Lofi-Lounge artists in their monthly radio show Solaris Empire Lounge on Alex Berlin Radio.